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Creating the first few bots is the easy part.  Managing a hybrid workforce of hundreds of bots and people working together is difficult.

We have had clients come to us for help with 600 bots in production.  They told us - we have essentially transferred cost from the business  to IT.  They needed an Automation Operations Center and so do you.

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There are many things to consider when Setting up an Automation Operation Center.  

  • Hand off from development to production - what is needed?

  • Incident and Communication Management 

  • Metrics and ROI reporting

  • Security and Compliance Reviews and Reporting

  • Source System change management - What bots are going to break with the new version of SAP?

  • Automation Tool upgrade readiness and migration plan

  • Who does L1, L2 and L3 Support?

  • Break Fix

  • Disaster Recovery - Fail over